Being Less Private Helps to Open New Doors

I used to keep a lot of things to myself, but I’m slowly starting to learn that you should reach out to others when you need help. It was only after I began sharing with someone else that I was going through excruciating back pain that I learned chiropractors in San Jose are the way to go in order to find lasting help. After I began regular visits with a chiropractor, I can honestly say that I found the relief that I needed but had been unable to get with other traditional means in the past. I think it also safe to say that sharing about my back trouble out loud is what earned me a new best friend, too!

I was adopted as baby. Two of the best people in the world adopted me. The woman and man who adopted me were gentle, yet strong, and they were very smart and loving, too. I knew from a very early age that I was adopted. In a perfect world, a person would accept that their biological parents gave them up because they needed to and it is the best thing for the child. But in my mind, I was not wanted by the biological parents who gave birth to me. As a result, I often felt that I didn’t fit in and did not feel very wanted by others as I grew up. What I have learned since then is that the view that you have of the world versus yourself is not always the right one.

By the time I became an adult, I really started to understand just how much my adopted parents loved me. In turn, I’ve now started to open up to other people as a result. I often kept sickness and pain to myself, but one day, I decided to share my back troubles with a fellow coworker. She was happy to share what she knew about chiropractors. That was the first day that I shared anything about myself with her, and it opened up the door to a new friendship with someone who has become my best friend.