Heart Disease and Stress Are Related

I knew that stress was not good for a person, but I honestly did not understand the relationship between stress and disease until my doctor talked to me in depth about it. I have a very stressful job, and I have a pretty stressful home life as well. It is something I had been dealing with for nearly my entire life, and I actually thought I was doing a good job of handling the stress that I seemed to be constantly be under. When my doctor told me that my lab works showed certain things were not in the right range, he explained in detail how stress can play a very crucial role in the numbers I was seeing.

I know that I run off a lot of nervous energy because of the different things that occur in my daily life, but I had no idea that staying in that state of anxiety, even a mild state, could be so detrimental to my health. Continue reading “Heart Disease and Stress Are Related”