I Missed My Old Life

When I had a pretty nasty fall about two years ago, my doctor ordered different kinds of tests to make sure there was no internal injuries. He could not find anything to explain the pain that seemed to linger on for the longest time, so he finally sent me to physical therapy. I stayed there for six weeks, faithfully following all of the instructions for both there and when at home, but the pain didn’t change. I was so limited in what I could do, but that changed when I started seeing a San Jose chiropractor about four months ago.

I had never considered this option mostly because my doctor had never suggested it or even mentioned it as an option. I was reading some information in his office during a regular checkup, and it was about chiropractic care. When I asked him about it, he told me that it was an option that I could check out, but the tests he had performed did not show a lot of promise for it to help me. I decided to go ahead and look into it because a glimmer of hope is 100 percent better than a bleak future.

That might sound melodramatic, but anyone with chronic back pain knows exactly what I mean by that. There is so much pain that our lives are completely ruled by it, and I really missed my old life. I was optimistic but not overly so when I went in for my first appointment. The chiropractor explained how the body works to me and even showed me what he meant with some diagrams in his office. What he said made sense, and it proved to be true too. He has given me dozens of adjustments since that first one, and I am virtually pain free today because of it.