My Daughter Just Needed Chiropractic Adjustments

I urged my daughter to see a chiropractor when I visited her this past summer. I live in New York while she is in California, so we only see each other a couple of times a year. We talk at least a couple of times a week though, and she had told me she had been feeling tired lately. Hearing it and seeing it are two different things though, which is why I took it upon myself to look at some Sacramento chiropractors when I was out there. I knew she had never been to one before, but I have.

I knew all the great benefits of seeing a chiropractor, and I had a feeling that she would feel better after seeing one too. She did not have any other symptoms, and she had just had a really good checkup at the doctor’s office not long before I went out there. It was her annual visit, so she had blood work done as well, and everything came back within the right levels. After having experienced adjustments myself, I just had the feeling that it was all she needed to make her feel a lot better. Continue reading “My Daughter Just Needed Chiropractic Adjustments”

I Missed My Old Life

When I had a pretty nasty fall about two years ago, my doctor ordered different kinds of tests to make sure there was no internal injuries. He could not find anything to explain the pain that seemed to linger on for the longest time, so he finally sent me to physical therapy. I stayed there for six weeks, faithfully following all of the instructions for both there and when at home, but the pain didn’t change. I was so limited in what I could do, but that changed when I started seeing a San Jose chiropractor about four months ago.

I had never considered this option mostly because my doctor had never suggested it or even mentioned it as an option. I was reading some information in his office during a regular checkup, and it was about chiropractic care. Continue reading “I Missed My Old Life”

I Am Much Happier with My New Body

It is real easy for someone who does not have small breasts to tell someone to accept and embrace her body. Having an A cup does not really do much to promote a feminine look, and it is quite hard on the self confidence as well. I know some women enjoy having bodies with small breasts, like runners. I am not a runner though, and I wanted to have bigger breasts. That is why I started looking into breast enhancement options. I knew the obvious one was to have cosmetic surgery done, but I was not willing to have surgery to have bigger breasts.

I found a website that was extremely helpful to me though, and it has brought about a change in my life that has completely changed how I feel about myself. Continue reading “I Am Much Happier with My New Body”