Getting the Ow out of My Back So I Could Get Back to the Wow of Work

You probably have heard of the wow factor. I use it when attracting buyers to the homes I sell. Each property has something that a buyer is interested in. You just need to put the right buyer with the right properties. Well, let me tell you how I went from showing the wow factor of a place and ended up doing something that caused an ow factor that had me visiting a chiropractor in Peoria AZ to get back to working without pain.

I do not have a physically demanding job, so I exercise by running and lifting weights. I can take flights of stairs in houses without a problem. However, slipping on something and doing a herky-jerky dance to remain upright and not fall down the stairs can really wrench even a back that is muscular and fit. I was hurrying up the stairs to show a potential buyer what the view looked like from the second floor landing when my foot slipped on construction dust that was on the bare stairs. The renovations were in progress with the seller putting down new floors. Hardwood floor sanding left dust on the steps that my heels slid on.

I have to dress up for work, but I admit I am much more comfortable in hiking boots than heels. I can walk in them, but I forgot, for a moment, that they do not have the traction that my hiking boots or even running shoes have. I knocked my back so far out of whack that it took three weeks of chiropractic adjustments just to get me feeling about 80 percent. I am back to 100 percent now. Actually, I think the exercises the chiropractor in Peoria AZ gave me to do have me even stronger than before. I’m back showing off the wow factor of homes while avoiding anymore ow factor situations.